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Genre: Short Story
Lincoln Denali was born in a far outpost of the Canadian brush. He was schooled in his letters by parents for most of his early life, and did not begin to write until he was 42 years old, and laid up for a year due to an accident aboard an oil tanker between Zanzibar and The Seychelles. Reading material was thrown at him in his recuperation period. Slowly he developed a taste for the short story. His attention span, both set and dictated by the form, led him to seek the best he could find. The last six months in hospital found him tossed among the masters of the short story. He reveled in Crane and Poe and Hemingway for his eye-openers and lingered sometimes for a change of pace with the pulp mystery writers of the '30's and '40's.

Then, in a single volume of long-extolled short stories, traded for a bottle of Ballantine Scotch, he found Sean O'Faolain, Padraic O'Connor, Frank Connors, Patrick Kavanaugh and Mary Lavin, among others

That short adventure made him want to write.

Banjo and Other Encounters is his first collection of short stories.

He attended no college, studied with no tutor or mentor, but has read at least two hours a day for the last twenty-five years. Accomplished at sea, in the military, in the rigors of the out-door life he often retreats to, wielder of chain saw and stubby pen, still living alone by choice, he occasionally goes to the nearest town to replenish his supply of books.

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