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Genre: Non-Fiction
In 1995 I was forced to leave my job as a salesman in the medical field for health reasons even though I wasn't sure whose health it was. I had been diagnosed with a debilitating disease, while my wife was at home suffering from the same disease. The situation was bizarre because I was in the awkward position of caring for my wife, while wondering if I was looking at what the future held for me.

In 1997 my wife reached the point where she needed 24 hour care so at her doctor's insistence she went into a nursing home. That freed me to reenter the work force but it quickly became obvious to me that nobody was interested in hiring a 47 year old man with health issues. I searched for three years lowering my expectations to an entry level position only to find that the doors were all closed.

In June of 2000 my health had slipped to the point where I would have had a hard time working a set schedule at any job so I abandoned my search. I was still only 50 years old so I needed something to do when I realized that there was something that I should have been doing for the past three years. What happened to my wife and I was so unusual that was a story that had to be told so I set off on a journey to tell it. I considered looking for a ghostwriter to tell my story but decided that nobody would be able to do the story justice so I started reading everything that I could find on the craft of writing. I quickly discovered that I love to write. It was difficult to write about the tough times so I expanded my story to be one of the first 50 years of my life. Isn't life strange? The disease that forced me to abandon my career in sales has given me a story to start a new career.

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