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Genre: Creative Non-Fiction/Poetry

Who is she? She was born in Oklahoma, part American Indian. Her family lost their farm during the Depression, packed up an old truck and headed for California. They made it to Las Cruces, New Mexico. She was five years old and was raised in the sand hills of New Mexico, where her home is today.

When her Navy brother-in-law and sister moved to Dallas she went along, went to modeling school, entered a beauty contest, was selected Miss Semper Fidelis. She married an Air Force Major who died in Korea. They had a daughter. As a single parent, she had a lucrative career in television, and was working for an NBC station in Corpus Christ when she married a young Navy pilot. After his tour of duty, he flew for Pan Am World Airways; her ticket to world travel, Central America, Japan, the Fiji Islands, Germany. Divorced in Germany she returned to school, in Florida, earning an AA in Psychology and a BA in Liberal Arts.

In Japan she wrote a behind-the-scenes book about an horrendous mid-air collision. She has been writing all her life, her works have been published around the world. She has intense interest in aviation, co-authoring two study guides with her husband teaching at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University between piloting jobs. One guide on Boeing 727 systems and the other on FAR's Part 131.

Once asked, "Who are you?" she answered, "I am my work, my manuscripts, my art, a mosaic wall mural my husband and I made. I am my home, my garden, my religion. I went to Taiwan, a tourist. I went to Guam, a traveler. I am a teacher. I taught English conversation in Japan. Konnichi wa! I am an archway in Monterey, Mexico, a sunset in Fiji Islands. I am my hobby, making music on my guitar, making Indian 'Ojo' de Dios. I am my poetry, God's gift. I am my daughter's art, I encouraged her. I am my writing, it is accomplishment. I am my husband's successes with a degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, PHT, putting hubby through. I am the clouds in Texas at my sister's farm, the planes I fly in, the flowers, the brook running to the sea. Most of all, best of all, I am me!"

That is the lady.


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