Genre: Poetry
Bette Mioduski was born in Utah during war years. She was the eldest of eleven children and her childhood years were spent moving from one army post to another while her father was in the service. Her schooling was predominantly in the Pittsburgh area and her high school years were spent in an all girls' school. She majored in psychology in pursuit of her degree from Allegheny Community College, which provides her a unique ability to adapt a poetic presentation to the life drama of everyday people.

She and her siblings traveled extensively with their father during her pre-school years. During these travels, she was exposed to a wide variety of real life situations. From the "industrial belly" of the northeast, through the bayous of "cajun country" in southern Louisiana, west across "cowboy country" to California, then along the Palisades to the foggy reaches of Washington State and back to the "steel stacks" of Pittsburgh. She acquired a wealth of knowledge about different cultures and lifestyles and the joys and agonies encountered in everyday living by common folk.

It is these experiences that she brings forth in her poems to give the reader a poetic presentation of these "real life" situations she lived through and witnessed and now wants to share with the reader. Her prose is presented in a free style telling a story, although subtly hidden in many cases, enabling readers to relate their thoughts and feelings to the poem they are reading as if they were the author.

Bette Mioduski has been writing poetry for over 2.5 years and has been published in the Valley News Dispatch, and The International Library of Poetry.

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